Ease Gill - All the entrances

This was a mini-project to kill some forbidden caving time during the first 😬 CoViD19 lockdown (March-May 2020). It's not intended to be yet another cave database (there are better ones already out there) but just a place to see all the entrances together, to provide alternative versions, and to provide more recent and consistent images of each entrance (and with rare beaming sunshine too!).

Acknowledgements must of course go to Northern Caves vol. 3 (Allshorn, Swire), the definitive caving bible from which this list was sourced. This task wouldn't have been possible without my trusty copy, along with the excellent RRCPC Ease Gill online guide. I didn't realise til afterwards that the Northern Caves site has entrance pics for 98% of these entrances already, so this whole exercise was mostly a waste of my time. It's okay though, I grew as a person and now have an intrinsic knowledge of Casterton Fell. The only missing entrance from the chapter is Bronte Cave as it doesn't lie on access land, and I thought it could risk poor caver relations with the landowner by asking for permission during the pandemic.