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Splav Speleo Caving Oversuit - review


After my AV Titan fell apart after just a year of weekly use (although it was the most comfortable suit I’ve used) I reluctantly decided to try out a new wildcard suit in the hopes of discovering a hidden gem.

I ordered the Splav Speleosuit from RusArmyShop, hoping that Soviet engineering had produced a suit that could survive a thermonuclear bomb. Aside from the unconventional fluorescent orange and blue colour scheme, the PVC arm, arse and shin reinforcement looked promising, as well as ample internal pockets. The description also assured me it could be used ‘with and without a gazebo‘ which would be useful as I rarely take a gazebo underground with me :)

It took over a month to clear Russian customs, which forced me to use club gear during the wait. Eventually it did get through, but after just 2 trips the front velcro began tearing off. After around 10 trips the above-arse seam unpicked itself and it now has a tear in the back. I wouldn’t say a single one of those trips was gruelling, I’m a lazy man, so it’s certainly not been exposed to exceptional conditions.

I have little hope of any sort of refund or replacement. Lesson of the day: being an oversuit hipster is unlikely to pay off. Next to try is the Bulgarians with their Landjoff suits.


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