WARNING: Mountains are dangerous places. Always ski within your abilities, assess slopes and conditions yourself.

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St Gervais les Bains / Megeve Ski Resort Guide


Having spent two full seasons skiing the Evasion Mont Blanc ski domain (containing the resorts Saint Gervais les Bains, Megéve, Combloux, La Giettaz, St Nicolas de Veroce and Les Contamines), I figured it might be useful to write a few pointers on navigating the ski area, as well as a few top spots, hidden gems, and my favourite pistes of different difficulties. So here goes, and if you have any other tips to share, let us know in the comments!

🐇 Top beginner areas in Saint Gervais les Bains / Megeve

The beginner areas at Megeve’s Mont d’Arbois and Rochebrune base stations could be your best bet, with a couple of free tows, and huge gentle wide rolling beginner motorways to progress to before full pistes are on the menu. Swap between the two base areas on the Rocharbois cablecar and you should have plenty of confidence-building piste miles under your belt in no time with the Debutants (Mont d’Arbois) and Papillon / Gds Champs (Rochebrune) lifts.

The beginner slopes of Saint Gervais at Le Bettex are a little steep, short and generally uninspiring, although the views over Mont Blanc are about as spectacular as it gets for bunny slopes :)

🟢 Top beginner progression pistes in Saint Gervais / Megeve

The area is great for beginners who are ready to venture onto gentle top-to-bottom pistes. Head up the Mont d’Arbois gondola for access to the wonderful Lanches/Mandarines green run all the way back to the base station – taken carefully this can be a great introduction to full mountain skiing for beginners.

Another great option on the other side of the mountain is the Chateluy piste down to Le Bettex above St. Gervais. This glides down on a forested route picking down the mountainside, with only one short steeper narrow section about halfway down that can easily be walked down if you’re not liking the look of it. A descent from the top of Mont Joux at 1958m can be bolted on to Chateluy to create a considerable green descent.

🔵🔴 Top intermediate pistes in Saint Gervais / Megeve

The entire area is perfect for intermediates, with good cruising terrain everywhere with very few complications. Early intermediates will enjoy Finance. Oratoire is a quiet option. The Croix de Christ lift offers tons of different options for intermediates, mostly blues and easy reds. The strips between these pistes are good options for a first off-piste foray.

Confident intermediates should head to the Epaule lift and do the Grand Epaule right down to Chattrix – corking views over Mont Blanc and descending a ridge most of the way down. Marmottes also makes an excellent away-from-it-all variation on this route.

Over on the Rochebrune side, Jardin and Mouillettes offer great easy motorway cruises. Don’t leave out Alpette over the back either, with 5 pistes making it a good place for mixed-ability groups to lap on the fast lift. Cote 2000 also offers a great variety of descents and a few easy off-piste possibilities.

⚫ Top advanced pistes in Saint Gervais / Megeve

The Vorasset area of Mont d’Arbois offers a nice selection of tough forested blacks, although the steep drag serving them is inconvenient. If the Mont Joly lift is open, a couple of challenging steeper pistes are available to you. Cote 2000 is a good place to head, with steeper slopes and off-piste options.

🥪 Top snack stops in the Saint Gervais / Megeve ski area

Check out the Restaurant D’Alpage La Grande Montaz just off the Orgeres piste above Communailles – usually quiet, this no-frills but cosy snack bar has reasonably priced paninis, vin chaud, and all the other tasty things you need while out on the slopes.


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