Overly-colourful towerblocks in Olomouc, Czechia


With the winter 20/21 lockdown in full force (Czechia somehow handling the pandemic the worst in the world), I found myself trapped within a 500-metre travel restriction. With a lack of nature to fiddle with in the city, my attention turned to the prismatic monstrosities towering all around us in the city.

Having driven through a few Czech cities now, despite the sometimes tacky paintjobs it is clear that the city of Olomouc is keen to at least pretend they care about their skyline. The large suburb of Nové Sady in particular seems to have been thrown up in a housing boom a few decades ago, a labyrinth of hundreds of towerblocks. Lockdown walkaround time.


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Overly-colourful towerblocks in Olomouc, Czechia
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